Can You Safely Wear Water Shoes in a Vinyl Pool?

You may wear water shoes when swimming in the sea because they’re anti-slip and protect your feet from sharp rocks. But if you have a vinyl pool, you might wonder if you can safely use them in that.

You can safely use water shoes in a vinyl pool; wearing them is an excellent way to protect your feet. Water shoes won’t damage your skin or the pool, and they’ll protect your feet from cuts. They also make wet surfaces less slippery, making them extra safe to wear.

This article will discuss why water shoes are safe and suitable to wear in a vinyl pool. Keep reading to learn more!

Water shoes / swimming shoe in Pink neoprene on rocks in water on beach. Closeup detail of the feet of a woman wearing bright pink neoprene water shoes standing on rocks at the edge of the ocean.

Here’s Why It’s Good To Wear Water Shoes in a Vinyl Pool

Water shoes are excellent for so many reasons:

  • They give your feet an added layer of protection.
  • They keep your feet from burning on the hot ground.
  • You’re less likely to get cuts on your feet when wearing them.
  • They grip well onto surfaces, meaning you’re less likely to slip and injure yourself.

There is plenty to discuss regarding wearing water shoes in a vinyl pool. So, let’s discuss all the benefits of this choice in the sections below!

Water Shoes Protect Your Feet

While it’s essential to protect your feet when swimming in the sea, it’s also important to protect them in a vinyl swimming pool. For example, the ground around the pool might be scorching hot, meaning it can burn your feet if you’re not wearing protection.

But with water shoes, you don’t have to worry about burning the soles of your feet. The soles of water shoes are generally made of durable rubber, so they’re bound to protect your feet. The rubber also grips well to the ground, giving you more control when walking or running around wet surfaces.

While this isn’t necessarily important while swimming in a vinyl pool, it is crucial when entering and exiting the pool if it’s highly slippery. Plus, water shoes protect your feet if sharp rocks, stones, or other objects are at the bottom of the pool.

Water Shoes Won’t Damage Your Vinyl Pool

The last thing you want to do is accidentally damage your vinyl pool lining. Luckily, water shoes won’t do that! Some things that can damage a vinyl pool include:

  • Sharp objects
  • Animals
  • Sunlight
  • Imbalanced water chemistry (i.e., a pH level that’s too high)

Since water shoes don’t have anything sharp on them, they won’t cause damage to the lining of your pool. They’re primarily made of rubber and mesh fabrics, which won’t scrape across the vinyl lining.

Water Shoes Are Lightweight

Even though water shoes are protective, they’re also lightweight. So, you don’t have to worry about them weighing you down as you swim. If you wear regular shoes, on the other hand, they would weigh you down and make it challenging to swim appropriately.

So you’re getting foot protection while being able to swim to your best ability.

Water Shoes Can Prevent Injuries

The ground is likely wet when you walk barefoot around your vinyl pool. And when it’s wet, you’re more likely to fall and get injured. Since water shoes have quality rubber soles that grip onto the ground, you won’t slip as much as you would without them.

Water shoes make entering and exiting the vinyl pool a safer experience. So, they’re undoubtedly worth wearing if you’re concerned about slipping and getting injured.

Water Shoes Dry Quicker Than Normal Shoes

You might find the idea of wearing wet shoes unappealing, but water shoes don’t stay wet for too long. If you swim with ordinary shoes, they can take an entire day or more to air dry. But since water shoes are breathable and light, you can expect them to dry within a few hours

They will dry quickly if you leave them in a place with plenty of air and ventilation.

Water Shoes Protect Your Feet From Sunburn

Protecting every part of your body from the sun–including your feet–is essential. We often neglect our feet when applying sunscreen, mainly because we forget! But when you wear water shoes, you don’t need to worry about accidentally getting sunburnt on your feet.

Most water shoes cover the entire foot, so your feet will be fully protected from harmful UV rays when wearing them

Water Shoes Are Comfortable if You Choose the Right Size

Although it can be a disaster if you choose the wrong size (i.e., water shoes that are uncomfortably tight), your feet will feel comfortable and warm if you choose the correct size.

If your water shoes fit you, they should feel snug, not too tight or loose. They will feel like a second skin while also keeping your feet warm.

Is It Necessary To Wear Water Shoes in a Vinyl Pool?

It isn’t necessary to wear water shoes in a vinyl pool because you can swim fine without them. However, wearing them is an excellent idea to protect your feet from the hot ground and sharp objects that might cut your feet.

If the vinyl pool is cleaned regularly and maintained in good condition, your feet should be safe without water shoes. Your main concern should be not to walk too fast and slip when entering and exiting the pool. But once you’re careful, you should be okay without water shoes.

Water shoes are generally more helpful when you’re at the beach or kayaking because you’re more likely to walk over sharp objects. 

Are There Downsides to Wearing Water Shoes in a Vinyl Pool?

There are some minor downsides to wearing water shoes in a vinyl pool. The main one is that they can take time to get used to. Although they’re super lightweight and shouldn’t affect your performance too much, they might feel weird initially. 

For example, water shoes might feel slightly heavy when you wear them for the first time, especially if you’re used to swimming barefoot. But once you wear them a few times, you’ll forget they’re on your feet! They certainly won’t feel as heavy as regular shoes.

water shoes can take time to get used to


You can safely use water shoes in a vinyl pool. Water shoes protect your feet from many things, including:

  • Sharp objects, like rocks and stones
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Slippery surfaces

Thankfully, they aren’t harmful to vinyl pool liners, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the pool. However, you shouldn’t have to wear water shoes if the pool is clean and free from sharp objects.