4 Reasons Why Vinyl Pool Liners Turn White

Homeowners often use vinyl pool liners as an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive pool coverings. They are an essential part of a pool’s safety and are also crucial for the aesthetics of the pool. However, over time, they tend to bleach and turn white. Some common reasons vinyl pool liners turn white include high … Read more

7 Reasons Why Pavers Around a Pool Sink

People like using pavers to decorate their pools due to their durability; they consist of natural stone, concrete, or bricks. Pavers are also versatile in terms of the designs one can implement. However, sometimes pavers sink. Pavers around a pool can sink due to factors like water damage and poor installation, among others. Sunken pavers pose … Read more

How Thick Are Typical Concrete Pool Decks?

Having a swimming pool and deck can bring great fun to your household. When constructing a swimming pool, consider the project’s entire configuration before choosing other decking features and amenities. Prospective pool owners frequently ask, how thick are typical concrete pool decks? A concrete pool deck should be at least 6″ (15.24 cm) thick for … Read more

How To Remove Paint From a Concrete Pool Deck

Painting a concrete pool deck is an ideal method of protecting the underlying concrete from harsh weather while also boosting the aesthetics of the pool area. However, after some time, the paint can fade, begin to chip or get stained, thus requiring new paint. But how do you remove paint from concrete? The most effective … Read more

How To Entertain Guests in Your Pool (5 Tips)

When you entertain guests at the pool is a tested and proven method of hosting a memorable party. It allows people to “get out of their shells” and have a good time. However, you can’t wing it; you need to ensure that all the essentials are in place.  When looking to entertain guests in your … Read more

This is How Long a Great Pool Party Should Be

Throwing a pool party doesn’t have to be stressful. Planning everything ahead of time will help you enjoy yourself with your guests. Perhaps one of the most important parts of a great party is knowing what time it should start and end. After all, you wouldn’t want everyone to feel like they have to leave … Read more

Is It Weird to Go to a Pool Party and Not Swim?

Pool parties are exciting, but not everyone wants to swim. These social gatherings are based around swimming, so you might wonder if it’s okay to attend them without diving into the pool. After all, you wouldn’t want to be the only person sitting outside of the pool if everyone else is having a good time … Read more