Do Pool Cleaners Service Above-Ground Pools?

Having a pool is great, especially on those hot summer days. However, when it comes time to clean them, your nice, relaxing pool can quickly become a burden. Therefore, many people choose to have their pools serviced, but do pool cleaners service above-ground pools?

Pool cleaners do service above-ground pools. However, pool cleaners will often use different equipment for above-ground pools than for in-ground pools, as the material durability of the pool varies. Despite this, many people find it easier to service their above-ground pool themselves.

The rest of this article will discuss whether or not it’s worth hiring pool cleaners to service an above-ground pool if in-ground pool cleaners can be used for above-ground pools, and tips on how to service your above-ground pool yourself. Let’s get started!

Empty above ground swimming pool in a backyard

Should I Hire a Pool Cleaning Service for an Above-Ground Pool?

Although most pool cleaning companies do service above-ground pools, it might not always be worth it to hire one. Of course, there are several factors to consider before deciding, including your knowledge of pool care.

However, let’s discuss when you should hire a pool cleaning service and when it might be best to just clean your above-ground pool yourself.

When You Should Hire a Pool Cleaning Service

There are many reasons to hire a pool cleaning service for an above-ground pool. Some of these instances may include the following:

  • You’re unfamiliar with pool cleaning. Hiring a service is probably best if you don’t know much about pool cleaning. Pools need specific chemicals and upkeep, so doing so without prior knowledge can result in a damaged or dirty pool.
  • Your above-ground pool is big. Many above-ground pools are smaller than in-ground pools, so hiring a pool cleaning service might be easier if it’s bigger than the average-sized above-ground pool.
  • You don’t have the time to care for your pool. Those with hectic schedules often don’t have the time to devote to pool maintenance, which is when pool cleaning services come in handy.
  • The pool is filthy. If it’s been a long while since you last cleaned your pool (or had it serviced), and it’s very dirty, hiring professional cleaners to care for it might be easier than dealing with it yourself.
  • You don’t own any pool cleaning equipment. If you own a pool, chances are that you own some cleaning equipment. However, if for some reason you don’t, you’ll likely need to hire a pool cleaning service to maintain your pool.

When You Shouldn’t Hire a Pool Cleaning Service

Although there are many pros to having a pool cleaning service care for your above-ground pool, there are also several reasons why it’s best to just clean it yourself. Some of these reasons include:

  • You’re on a tight budget. If you need to save money, it’s best to just clean your above-ground pool yourself, as above-ground pools are much easier to clean and maintain than in-ground pools.
  • You’re knowledgeable about pool care and maintenance. If you know your way around pool care and how to achieve the perfect pH balance, it’s probably best to take care of it yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be paying someone else to do something you could easily do.
  • You already own the proper pool cleaning equipment. If you already own a pool vacuum, skimming net, and other pool cleaning equipment, it’s best to clean your above-ground pool yourself. It only requires a little effort and time to get the job done.

Can In-Ground Pool Cleaners Be Used for Above-Ground Pools? 

If you bought or were given a pool cleaner specifically for in-ground pool cleaning, you’ll probably want to try using it on your above-ground pool. However, knowing your exact kind is essential, as some can be too powerful for your pool.

Some in-ground pool cleaners can be used for above-ground pools. However, this depends on the type of cleaner. Many pool cleaners are made for both in-ground and above-ground pools, but some are specifically made for in-ground pools, as they’re made of concrete, a much more durable material.

Therefore, before using an in-ground pool cleaner on your above-ground pool, verify that it can be used on both. Some in-ground pool cleaners are only made to clean concrete material, so they can severely damage the lining of your above-ground pool.

Tips on Cleaning Your Above-Ground Pool Yourself

Although you can technically hire pool cleaners to service your above-ground pool, servicing it yourself is relatively easy. If you’re somewhat new to pool care and maintenance, there are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning your pool:

  • Skim the water daily. To keep your pool nice and clean, it’s best to take your skimmer to get the floating debris off the top of your pool every day. This ensures that it doesn’t build up and cause a bigger mess to clean later.
  • Test the water’s chemical balance two to three times a week. Testing the water’s pH and chlorine levels every two weeks and balancing it will ensure your pool stays clean and swimmable. 
  • Apply shock to the pool once a week. Shock is vital to pool care, as it introduces chlorine to the pool, therefore cleaning it. However, it’s crucial to stay out of the pool for at least 24-48 hours after shocking it.
  • Vacuum the pool at least once a week. Regularly vacuuming your pool keeps it free from debris, so it’s an essential step in pool maintenance. 
  • Clean out the pool filter once a month. Your pool filter is responsible for filtering out any debris that could go into your swimming pool. The type of filter you have and the size of your pool depends on how often you should clean the filter, but once a month is usually the average time.
The blue area on which the inflatable pool. Photo.

Final Thoughts

Although pool cleaners do service above-ground pools, many people choose to care for and maintain their pools themselves, as it’s much easier to clean and maintain than in-ground pools. 

However, before deciding to service your pool yourself, it’s essential to note that not all pool cleaning equipment (such as vacuums) can be used for both in-ground and above-ground pools due to the different materials the pools are made of.

Despite this, cleaning and maintaining your above-ground pool yourself isn’t too challenging as long as you have the knowledge, time, and patience to do so.