How To Remove Paint From a Concrete Pool Deck

Painting a concrete pool deck is an ideal method of protecting the underlying concrete from harsh weather while also boosting the aesthetics of the pool area. However, after some time, the paint can fade, begin to chip or get stained, thus requiring new paint. But how do you remove paint from concrete? The most effective … Read more

Can You Use Dawn To Clean a Vinyl Pool Liner?

An essential part of pool maintenance is selecting suitable cleaning products that are both effective and safe. Vinyl pool liners are more vulnerable to damage by harsh chemicals, so you need to make sure that the cleaning chemicals you use are suitable before you apply them. You can use Dawn dishwashing detergent to clean a … Read more

Can You Run a Pool Heater Without a Filter?

Swimming pool filters are run weekly to clean and purify the water in your pool by removing particles and debris. On the other hand, a pool heater enables homeowners the luxury of using their pool any time of the year, even during the colder winter months. While both systems offer incredible value, can a heater … Read more

How Much Chlorine is Needed to Winterize a Pool?

Chlorine is perhaps the most popular pool chemical because it sanitizes the water throughout the year. Although the water is colder during the winter, it’s crucial that you know how much chlorine to use. Liquid, powder, and tablet chlorine are used in different amounts for winterizing swimming pools. To winterize a pool, you should use … Read more