Why Do Swimming Pools Need To Be Cleaned Daily?

Everyone looks forward to a dip in the pool on a bright summer day, but not everyone looks forward to cleaning their pools. While it can be tempting to skip a few cleaning days here and there, it’s best to clean your pool daily.

Swimming pools need to be cleaned daily to support the pump system, prevent bacteria and algae overgrowth, avoid costly repairs, and increase your enjoyment in the pool. Swimming pools are an investment that must be maintainedthe more often, the better.

Before you find yourself in the deep end this summer, let’s dive into more reasons you’d clean your pool daily and how you can achieve the cleanest pool in town.

it is best to clean pools daily to support the pump system

Your Pool Will Always Be Swim-Ready if You Clean It Daily 

Owning a pool at your home is a luxury not everyone can understand, but pool-owners often attest to how their pools have improved their life quality.

Adding a pool can improve almost any celebration, from summer pool parties to romantic night swims! Pool owners know the best swims are often spontaneous, so how can you be sure you’re prepared?

Cleaning your pool every day—even just a light cleaning—ensures you’ll be ready whenever the swimming mood strikes, with lots of other benefits for you and your pool.

Benefits of Daily Pool Cleaning

As discussed earlier, keeping your pool clean always ensures it’s swim-ready! Below are good reasons you should clean your pool every day.

Your Pool Will Need Fewer Repairs

When leaves, insects, and other debris collect in your drains, they can cause your pool’s motor to work too hard while pulling water through the system. Filter systems in pools are designed to manage small particles but will become strained if there is too much large debris.

Too much debris will eventually wear on the motor and cause it to break. A broken motor is just one of the costly repairs that pool owners can incur if they fail to clean the pool properly.

Just a few minutes of skimming leaves every day will increase the longevity of your pool and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Cleaning Ensures Your Pool Water Sanitary

Keeping the pH of your swimming pool balanced is tricky enough already. This necessary task becomes even more challenging when your pool is filled with decaying leaves, insects, and debris, which can cause pH levels to change rapidly.

When the pH and other chemical readings become unbalanced, bacteria and algae multiply quickly. Before you know it, your pool water starts to look more like a swamp. Not only is green water unsightly, but bacterial overgrowth can lead to infections in your ears, eyes, or skin.

Bacteria are especially concerning for babies, kids, and pets that may use the pool, as they’re more likely to ingest the water by accidence and consequently become ill.

Your Pool Will Always Look Clean

Another major reason to clean your pool daily is to keep it looking clean and fresh. A dirty pool distracts from an otherwise beautiful outdoor area.

Of course, it’s impossible to prevent every leaf from ending up in the pool, but sweeping the deck and skimming the pool water every day will keep leaves and debris from collecting and decaying in the water.

Whether you’re expecting guests, selling your house, or just kicking back and relaxing at home, a clean, sparkling pool brings peace of mind.

A Clean Pool Brings More Enjoyment

Last but certainly not least, cleaning your pool every day will allow you to enjoy your pool to the fullest. When your pool is clean, you’re more likely to use it. Nothing is more tempting than swimming in cool, clean water on a hot and sunny day!

A clean appearance makes the pool more enticing, and you and your guests will enjoy swimming worry-free in a pool that’s cleaned daily. Cleaning your pool daily avoids the dreaded icky bugs and sticky leaves on your feet and hair.

How To Clean Your Pool Daily

Cleaning your pool daily may seem like a serious chore, but remember: the more often you clean the pool, the less there’ll be to clean each time! Consider splitting routine cleaning into daily and weekly tasks. 

Remove Leaves and Debris From Your Pool

Every day, take a few minutes to skim leaves and debris from the top of the water with a pool net. If the net pole is long enough, stir any leaves from the bottom and try to remove them as well. Collecting leaves for just 20 minutes a day can become a relaxing, meditative habit!

Next, check the skimmer baskets and clean out insects, leaves, twigs, or even lost frogs! Skimmer baskets are helpful for keeping debris out of the pool, but they can build up quickly.

Vacuum Your Pool Weekly and Check the pH and Chlorine Levels

Clean the sides and bottom of the pool at least once per week using a pool vacuum to remove any small sediment. Sediment can build up in the pool filter and cause motor and pump problems, so it’s essential to vacuum your pool regularly.

If you want to save time and avoid vacuuming by hand, consider purchasing an automatic pool cleaner, like this highly-rated Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner from Amazon.com. This pool cleaner is easy to use and especially great for in-ground pools. You can have your pool clean in only 2 hours with this device! 

You’ll also need to test and balance your pool’s pH and chlorine levels at least once per week. 

Doing this can sometimes feel like a time-consuming task, but it will be easier to keep your pool balanced if you remember to remove debris daily!

For more information of pH and Chlorine Levels, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Pool Water Chemistry.

Consider Hiring Pool Cleaning Services

Most pool cleaning services won’t come to clean your pool every day, but they can perform weekly deep cleanings and balance your pool chemicals for you, giving you peace of mind and more time and energy to keep up with daily skimming.

The average cost of a pool cleaning service ranges between 20 and $50 per week, depending on your location and your pool’s needs. They can be pricey in some cases, but hiring professionals to clean and balance your pool will save you a lot of time and effort.

you my want to consider a professional pool service to keep your pool clean

Final Thoughts

At-home pools are a worthwhile investment. Spending a little time each day to keep your pool in its best condition will pay off when those hot summer days roll around and guarantee you’ve got the best retreat in the neighborhood.