Are Pool Deck Jets Worth It? Here’s How To Decide

Whether you’re trying to add to your pool area’s ambiance or just want something different, pool deck jets are an additional feature you don’t see all the time. However, while deck jets can be pretty, relaxing, and fun, they might not be the fitting addition to your pool. 

Deck jets might be worth it if you want to make your pool decorative or emulate the look and feel of a relaxing spa or hotel pool. However, if you’re more concerned with swimming and less about looks, the expensive cost of installing them might be too much for you to justify. 

Keep reading if you’ve been deciding whether or not you should add pool deck jets to your pool area. I’ll go over everything you need to know to make the right decision for you. 

Deck jets are a great way to add a fun factor to your pool

5 Questions To Consider Whether Pool Deck Jets Are Worth It

When you think of pool jets, you might think of jacuzzi jets that push water out under the surface, creating a message-type effect. 

Yet pool deck jets are much different. They’re installed on the pool deck to shoot water in the direction of the pool in a fountain type of way typically intended for decorative purposes. 

Before you decide whether you should have a pool deck jet, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do You Have a Swimming Pool or a Decorative One?

The first thing you need to figure out if you’re trying to determine if you should get pool deck jets installed is what sort of pool you have. This might seem like a simple question, but it isn’t always! 

Since the word “pool” can describe any small artificial body of water, you could have different types of pools in your yard, affecting how appropriate jets are for you. 

If you have a purely decorative pool that isn’t meant for swimming, installing a pool deck jet might make more sense to have a more dynamic decorative area. Whereas, if your pool is used for swimming, a pool jet might take away from the swimming experience. 

Determining the purpose of your swimming pool can help you decide if deck jets are important to you.

However, even if you have a swimming pool, it doesn’t mean that deck jets aren’t the right choice for you. Swimming pools with deck jets are typically meant to be more visually appealing because the water creates something dynamic to look at. 

If your primary concern is to create a simple swimming environment, or if you have people using your pool who might not like having a stream of water going into the pool, then pool jets likely aren’t for you. 

You’ll have to think about who typically uses your pool. Some people might like a stream of water continuously pouring into the pool as it might create an extra fun area. However, others who might prefer just floating and relaxing or who don’t want to worry about water falling on their heads from above might not appreciate the deck jets. 

2. Are You Trying To Drown Out Sound?

Another thing to think about when you’re debating whether or not deck jets are for you is the level of sound in your yard. 

There’s a reason why fountains and deck jets are so common in places that are meant to promote relaxation. The sound of flowing water is not only considered to be a relaxing one, but it also acts as a way to drown out other noises. 

If you live near a busy street or loud neighborhood, installing deck jets can help drown out some of that noise, making your time by the pool more relaxing. 

3. What’s Your Budget? 

While deck jets might be fun and nice to look at, they don’t come free with your pool. They can be quite expensive to install because the process of putting them in is complicated and involves extra plumbing and pump systems. 

Some people might not have this project in their budget. Others might like the idea of having deck jets but can’t justify the cost. While others might think the price of putting them in is worth it. 

Ultimately, on this point, whether deck jets are worth it will be up to you and your budget. 

4. Where Do You Live?

The final thing you should consider when trying to decide if you need or want to install deck jets is where you live. Deck jets require a separate pipe system than your pool because they need water to be diverted to the jets. 

If you live in an area that routinely has temperatures that go below freezing, deck jets might not be worth it. There’s always a risk of pipes freezing or even exploding during the winter if you live somewhere that gets cold. 

It is recommended you let your water run so water doesn’t collect and freeze in the pipes. That means you’d have to keep your deck jets on during the winter, and even then, there’s no guarantee that your pipes will be protected from cold damage. 

Since installing deck jets isn’t a low-cost project, it’s very important to maintain your jets’ pipes, even during the winter. 

5. How Many Deck Jets Do You Need?

If you’ve decided to install pool deck jets, you might be wondering how many you need. Should you install one, two, or ten? 

If you have a larger pool you made need to place a deck jet every few feet (or one meter.)Ultimately, there are no wrong answers for how many pool deck jets you need. Having a balanced or symmetrical look is often recommended, but it’s up to personal taste and pool size.

If you decide to create patterns with your jets, this will affect placement and potentially how many you need. 

In Conclusion

It isn’t always a simple task to decide if pool deck jets are worth it. On the one hand, they can be a lot of fun and help you create a particular type of environment. 

However, some swimmers might not appreciate them, they’re quite costly, and they can be hard to maintain in the winter. Ultimately, whether installing them is worth it is up to you and the pool area you want to create.