Should You Run a Pool Heater During a Freeze?

It’s no secret that pool heaters provide a seemingly instant boost to the water temperature. Running the heater during cold days and frigid nights might seem like the logical solution. However, many pool owners notice various issues when they turn on the heater when it’s too cold outside. You should run a pool heater during … Read more

Is It Okay to Oversize Your Pool Heater?

Pool heaters come in various sizes, and nobody wants an undersized heating system. If you don’t have enough BTUs coming from the heater, your pool will take far too long to warm up. On the other hand, getting an oversized pool heater will expedite the process and make your pool as warm as possible. But … Read more

Will a Pool Heater Run if the Pump Is Off?

For a pool heater to operate, the pump must circulate water through the heating unit. Many swimming pools have an automatic pump that turns on and off according to programmed periods.  The pool heater will not run if the pump is turned off. A pool heater only works when the pool control system is circulating … Read more

Can You Make an Above Ground Pool Deep?

Above-ground pools are often restricted to a few feet of depth. Most wall materials won’t support the water if they’re too deep. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your above-ground swimming pool much deeper than the traditional four-foot depth. Many pool owners are switching to this new deep above-ground pool trend. You can make … Read more