4 Reasons Why Vinyl Pool Liners Turn White

Homeowners often use vinyl pool liners as an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive pool coverings. They are an essential part of a pool’s safety and are also crucial for the aesthetics of the pool. However, over time, they tend to bleach and turn white. Some common reasons vinyl pool liners turn white include high … Read more

Do Vinyl Pool Liners Shrink Over Time?

Vinyl liners are some of the most popular swimming pools worldwide. They’re affordable, easy to maintain, and customizable. However, vinyl is susceptible to shrinking and stretching. Failure to take care of a vinyl liner will cause all sorts of problems, but will your liner shrink if you neglect it? Vinyl liners shrink over time from … Read more

Chemicals that should not be stored together

7 Pool Chemicals That Should Never Be Stored Together

Pool cleanliness is essential to prevent skin and respiratory problems when swimming. To keep your pool clean, you may have to use a wide range of pool chemicals such as balancers, sanitizers, oxidizers, and other cleaning materials. However, storing certain pool chemicals together can be unsafe. Here are 7 pool chemicals that you should never … Read more