Can You Use Dawn To Clean a Vinyl Pool Liner?

An essential part of pool maintenance is selecting suitable cleaning products that are both effective and safe. Vinyl pool liners are more vulnerable to damage by harsh chemicals, so you need to make sure that the cleaning chemicals you use are suitable before you apply them. You can use Dawn dishwashing detergent to clean a … Read more

Will a Pool Heater Run if the Pump Is Off?

For a pool heater to operate, the pump must circulate water through the heating unit. Many swimming pools have an automatic pump that turns on and off according to programmed periods.  The pool heater will not run if the pump is turned off. A pool heater only works when the pool control system is circulating … Read more

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12 Worst Trees To Plant Near a Swimming Pool

Most people think all trees are created equal when planting them near a swimming pool. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Different trees have different root systems and growth habits that make them more or less suitable to plant near a swimming pool. Trees with an aggressive root system like Willows & Cottonwood … Read more